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PhotoMicrometer SOFTWARE

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PhotoMicrometer SOFTWARE

PhotoMicrometer is a photogrammetric program specially developed to work as part of a monitoring complex and implements a full processing cycle - from measuring images to forming a technical report. Due to the high level of automation of all processes, it is not necessary to have a deep knowledge of photogrammetry to master working with the complex.


The PhotoMicrometer system is based on theoretically rigorous photogrammetry methods: high-precision markers measurement algorithm, forward and reverse photogrammetric serifs with simultaneous calibration of images and equalization of the determined parameters using the least squares method. Thanks to the theoretically rigorous and technically advanced algorithms of the solution, almost any digital camera can be used to work with the system. At the same time, there is no need to pre-calibrate it.
PhotoMicrometer can be used for processing of both single images (photogrammetric method) and multiple images (stereophotogrammetric method). The program supports processing of various types photo markers (accuracy classes), rebuilding the interface taking into account this parameter.


For each observation cycle, a project is created in the program. The images (image) of this cycle are uploaded to the project. When loading, the program automatically detects the number of the photo markers and applies its calibration data to the project. If the monitoring is performed under different temperature conditions, the temperature must be entered into the project during the survey to account for the linear expansion coefficient. All data, as well as the results of measurements and calculations, are recorded in a file with the *.pmm extension.

The processing begins with the mark measurements on the marker photographs. This process is automatical, although, just in case, a semi-automatic mode is also provided. Then, the measurement results are adjusted parametrically. Based on the results of the adjustment, the position of the center of the right marker in the coordinate system of the left marker is found (Fig.2), and the accuracy is evaluated based on the results of the adjustment.

If all the project files of the corresponding observation cycles are in the same folder, the monitoring results can be visualized by plotting the movement along the three coordinate axes. The processing ends with the formation of a report, where, in addition to graphs, the results of the accuracy assessment and some other parameters are entered. The report can be saved in a *.xml file, and the calculation results can also be saved in text format.


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