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of the supplied equipment and software those are parts of the photogrammetric complex Photo crack meter, developed for monitoring cracks and expansion joints in buildings and structures...


PhotoMicrometer SOFTWARE

PhotoMicrometer is a photogrammetric program specially developed to work as part of a monitoring complex and implements a full processing cycle - from measuring images to forming a technical report. Due to the high level of automation of all processes, it is not necessary to have a deep knowledge...



The system is organized in such a way that all images undergo photogrammetric calibration during processing. This makes it possible to use any modern photo or video camera for monitoring (from a phone to expensive mirror equipment) and get high-quality results. Nevertheless, the camera is one of...

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The principle of monitoring is based on taking a picture of the markers by camera and using PhotoMicrometer software for photogrammetric processing of images in order to obtain a relative position of the centers of two markers in the three dimensional rectangular coordinate system (R point position...


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