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The principle of monitoring is based on taking a picture of the markers by camera and using PhotoMicrometer software for photogrammetric processing of images in order to obtain a relative position of the centers of two markers in the three dimensional rectangular coordinate system (R point position in the OXYZ coordinate system, Fig. 2). The origin of the coordinate system (point O) is always positioned on the lower-numbered marker, the positive Z-axis points up, the positive Х-axis points to the right and the positive Y-axis points into the plate.

Fig. 2. Coordinate system

Comparing the results of photogrammetric processing of images taken at different times (indifferent observation cycles), we determine the relative displacement of the markers.

This approach allows to monitor under different conditions (indoors, at the elevation of building, on bridges and at the industrial installations) and at different shooting distances (from 0.1m to 40m) between the camera and the object observed. Image processing in PhotoMicrometer is based on methods of photogrammetry, stereophotogrammetry, and also is based on high-precision measuring of marks. This allows monitoring with an accuracy of 0.1 mm to 0.005 mm, depending on the types of markers used. The deformations that the method allows you to measure with guaranteed accuracy can reach up to 5 cm on each coordinate axis.


Photomicrometer manual

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